Bio and Working Ethos


My clients include fortune 500 companies from a variety of sectors such as ExxonMobil and Chevron, Unilever and Glaxo Smith Kline as well as 5 UN agencies, The Body Shop and The Bill Gates Foundation.

I trained as an environmental scientist and hold a masters degree in Marine Resource Development. My work in the dynamic and innovative economies of Asia and Africa has resulted in an good understanding of developing countries and their increasing ability to influence the global economy, consumer culture and our collective future.



I provide commercial photography for a variety of visual communications including brand development, corporate identity, and corporate social responsibility. I provide creative video for brand development, institutional capacity building and training, plus YouTube and social media. I manage client expectations and strive to create the standards of excellence expected by international corporate photographic clients.

A high percentage of my contracts are repeat business. I have worked in over 100 countries and 30 in Africa alone.



My approach to creating photography and video takes inspiration from :

  • The dynamic energy of the people in business activities, communities and cultures that I experience worldwide
  • Learning from other creative professionals and art directors. We all love our work.
  • An interest in sustainable development and the environment
  • The idea of a positive Africa, the continent where I have worked for over two decades.



Many clients now want a package of photography, video and training outputs which are often a related suite of products. This is a speciality and my business is designed to meet the needs of creating outputs that work within strategic communications initiatives.



In 2011-12 I created the UNDP project ” Lake Tanganyika, Sustaining Livelihoods in a Biodiversity Hot Spot, Central Africa. With the team at widescreenstories, I won this film and capacity building project from over 200 applicants. I have created six short films since 2012 including in 2015 for Fishing Into The Future ” Sustainability by Fishermen for Fishermen “.



I also offer the following:

  • logistics to optimise on-location shooting on time and on budget.
  • street casting and community based pre-shoot preparation
  • copywriting  (through a network of associates)
  • post production  (through a network of associates)
  • project management for communications projects